What is the criterion we choose a companion?

What is the criterion we choose a companion?

The criterion for choosing a partner is NOT what you expected. Sex, love or money? And yet, none of them! Other characteristics are the key claim Escorts Athens and they talk all about them.

Security is what primarily leads us to choose our partner. And this is not due to the financial crisis, but it has always happened, experts say.

We may live in moments of passion with people we have fallen in love with, regardless of their age, wallet or habits, but when it comes to marriage and cohabitation, the lot falls on whoever makes us feel safe.

This conclusion is reached by a survey of the Andrological Institute in 5,000 couples, conducted in the period 2011-2016, in people aged 25 to 65 years, in a representative social sample.

The key questions were how important love, sex and financial security are in choosing a sexual partner. Only 18% consider love an important parameter in a relationship.

“So, let us not wonder why things are not going well in our home”, say escorts in Greece.
“Security relationships, buried with the desire and madness of love, are not the right recipe for sex.”

The research findings

When asked what offers total satisfaction in the relationship, 40.7% answer “the security it will provide me”. 33% of women say they want a faithful partner and 26% someone who “cares for me”.

Only 28.1% answer “our love life”, while a significant 8.3% are interested in the social life of her partner. Of this percentage, 20% give support to the partner’s friends and 19% to his leisure activities.

Without being clear, it is implied that his financial situation is also important for a relationship.

The end of romance

Social experience shows that people, while knowing, are still surprised and comment on why older men prefer young women, and vice versa, younger men more mature women.

Paraphrasing the well-known saying “it is the economy stupid” (“economy and survival is stupid”) could be explained in terms of why there is this inappropriate, logically, selection of age- and biologically mismatched people, say the study leaders.

“The choice of survival and safe partner has always been a female instinct, therefore dominant, which we, however, mistranslated, due to male dominance on a social, but not biological level.

That is, for hundreds of thousands of years the woman has been choosing the safe partner and father of her children and not the man. As described in today’s relationship stereotypes, where the man seems to have the choice, when in fact he has already been chosen by woman.

Therefore, the seemingly inappropriate choice of a big man and a small woman is not a recent story. But a very old one, which has been passed on to our genes “, explain escorts in Athens.

The age difference

Anthropological studies, but also myths, as well as history, confirm that the man, as he matured, became a safer partner for a young woman.

This is confirmed today, because in the financial system older men ensure a more stable income and a survival insurance, which seems to be the choice of young women, for a life without problems, escorts points out and continues:

“The rule is therefore what seems inappropriate today, acceptable to society, but with many negative aspects. The old man who bought the freshness is nothing but an ancient habit that survived genetically and not only “.

In a recent study of 37 nations with 10,000 thousand respondents, it is confirmed that the dominant choice of young women is always the older man and not her peer.

Men who were asked about the age difference they would like to have with their partners. The vast majority answered that they wanted women ten years younger, while they would tolerate a woman 4 years older.

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